welcome to my story.


I was born in Bangalore on April 30, 1997. Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India, and my aspirations in technology were set from that moment.

Growing up

I grew up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Gujarat is a place driven by entrepreneurship, and Gujaratis are known to be shrewd business people. Hence, I became interested in business and creating value for the world.


I studied at Delhi Public School, one of India's finest private school networks, for 14 years. Having spent the majority of my life there, I am the embodiment of the school's values. I was awarded the "Mr. DPS" title, our school's equivalent of Valedictorian, at our graduation ceremony.


I've always enjoyed organizing people and creating value for society. I started three successful companies in High School: Gujarat's largest student run not-for-profit events organization, Ahmedabad's first citywide Model United Nations and Ahmedabad's first premier league-esque football tournament.


I picked up the Guitar at age 10 and have been hooked ever since. The guitar has shaped my personality in a number of ways. My esoteric musical interests help me identify patterns, think as an individual and attain peace of mind. I've played in a number of bands and taken the Trinity Guildhall musical exam.


Science fiction has always awed me. As a kid, I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, and dreamed of a great future for humanity. I have been programming since I was 14, and I am now dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence knowledge.