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last updated: August 10, 2017

A two-way marketplace for more equitable crowdsourcing.

I am helping develop Daemo, a crowdsourcing platform for Dr. Michael Bernstein at the Stanford HCI group. Some technologies in use are Python, Django, Javascript, Angular, Postgres, Redis, HTML5, CSS/SCSS.

1. Daemo

Code Links:
1. Crowdsource Platform

In collaboration with the MIT Interactive Robotics Lab

I am helping make human-robot interactions better under Dr. Bilge Mutlu. Human-robot collaboration is difficult. There are no easy ways to create tasks for robots and have a human work with the robot as a partner. Hence, I am creating an easy-to-use Authoring Environment, that enables anyone to give instructions to industrial robots.

The NSF NRI Authoring Environment.

The easy-to-use authoring environment is built with Javascript, powered by the Angular Material library. With around 76,000 lines of code, this environment is powerful, robust and user friendly.

1. MIT Interactive Robotics Lab
2. Wisconsin HCI Lab
3. Collaborative Authoring Environment

Advisor: Dr. Bilge Mutlu

Code Links:
1. NRI Authoring UI
I am launching the Artificial Intelligence Club of UW-Madison this coming Fall of 2017. The club's mission is to promote artificial intelligence knowledge and learning, and create a tightly knit group of people working on hard problems in the field of AI.

1. Artificial Intelligence Club
Spent my summer of 2017 at Stanford Engineering's Centre for Design Research under Dr. Wendy Ju. I helped build a computer vision system written using OpenCV in C++ to help control interactive robots. To accompany that, I also built an iPad app to give path instructions to the vision system to control the robot.

Facial Recognition System with Smart Home

Smart homes exist already, but the multiple devices in the smart home don't communicate seamlessly with each other. There exist clunky remote controls which feel dated. A true improvement in smart home technology will be an ubiquitous install-and-forget experience. Our project is a step towards that direction - we created a computer vision system that automatically changes smart home preferences by looking at people's faces and identifying users.

Code Links:
1. Computer Vision System
2. Computer Text-to-Speech Server

Won the Wisconsin Engineering EXPO

A Peer-to-Peer tutoring App

Getting tutoring is difficult. It costs money, or if free, is still inconvenient and difficult to access. PeerPear makes it very easy by creating a Peer-to-Peer tutoring platform, wherein peers can tutor each other and exchange knowledge.

1. Received a venture grant from the University of Wisconsin-Madison
2. Finalist at Startup Madison by Google for Entrepreneurs

Code Links:
1. Minimum Viable Product

Reducing food wastage by connecting donors to receivers.

A text-based platform that enabled food donors to be directly connected to receivers and volunteers.

1. Dean's Award of Excellence
2. Best Social Entrepreneurship award at Transcend Innovation Competition
3. Unilever Bright Future Grant

Code Links:
1. Backend

Reducing noise pollution in residential areas.

Helps reduce noise complaints by notifying residents and housing managers automatically by sensing decibel levels.

Code Links:
1. API

Helping students find housing.

Student Housing directory for Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture, one of India's top architecture schools.

Website: KRVIA-housing

Code Links:
1. App

Making healthcare accessible.

Healthcare costs are rising at an insane rate and society's healthcare needs are always growing. DocBot demonstrates an alternative method: access a physician in your pocket. Powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, an AI Doctor can become much better than the best physician in the world by consuming incredible amounts of data.

Website: DocBot

Code Links:
1. App
2. ChatBot

Making Politics accessible to students.

Driving social change through events, Ahmedabad Student Parliament is Gujarat's largest student run organization. Built the organisation ground up with zero seed money. Organised events, in partnership with various NGOs, Schools, Universities and Corporates. Attracted 750+ attendees, built and led a team of 40. Got a sit-down with the Prime Minister of India, as well as the Election Commissioner of Gujarat. Duties included event management, team building, planning, marketing, design and operations.

The Ahmedabad Student Parliament Website

Website: Ahmedabad Student Parliament
Facebook: ASP FB Page

Code Links:
1. Website

UW-Madison's Technology Incubator

I helped setup Insight Wisconsin, a technology incubation student organization. I designed the marketing materials, and built the website. I was also the primary technical advisor for the organization.

The Insight Wisconsin Website

Designs: Insight Designs

Code Links:
1. Website

Short stack overflow.

I helped build connections in and out of the Computer Science department as an executive member of the Hub, CS Club. We organize fun events, as well as technical ones such as coding challenges.

Transcend Innovation Club

I helped organize the $26,000 Transcend Madison Innovation Competition as the Fundraising Chair for Transcend.

Website: Transcend Engineering

Slack + Asana + Drive

As a Product Management Intern at Gridle, I directly influenced the product through my data analysis and user research. I laid the framework for growing and improving the product for months to come.

Website: Gridle
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